Danzak Peru is a 100% Peruvian company located in the Cusco region. Our mission is to offer innovative products and services that improve the quality of life of our customers, while promoting ethical and sustainable practices in all our operations.

We strive to better serve our customers who come from all over the world in a responsible and punctual manner. We work with local partners in each destination, so that they can feel safe with us and learn about the Peruvian culture.

Our mission is to help the whole person to have a more beautiful experience of their life. For which we work hard to ensure that our service is better and we are here to help with travel information.


Danzak Peru’s vision is to be world leaders in our industry, offering high-quality and innovative solutions to our clients, while promoting a sustainable and responsible culture.

Our vision is to make a difference around the world by providing the best quality of service for our clients in a timely manner. We also offer new fun and unforgettable experiences together with our local partners.

Our vision is to help each person to know a destination in a safe and reliable way, about traditional cultures and with the humble people of each destination. Our goal that everything return without problem and full of memories.